Whether you want to love yourself or are looking to add some extra spice in the bedroom, going to a sex shop can be an eye-opening experience. There are many adult toy shops around the world but very few come close to Vancouver as far as variety and diversity are concerned.

Here is a list of top 15 adult shops recommended by Vancouver escorts.


Ultra-love products

This shop does complete justice to its name. Located on the famous Davie Street which is known for its sex toys shops, carving out a reputation for itself in this hugely competitive area is certainly commendable. You can best judge a shop from previous customer reviews and most of them have been on the positive side. It is very clean and hygienic and the staff is extra-cordial with you, going out of their way to make you feel comfortable here. You don’t feel any weird vibes here. Moreover, the range of products that you get here is also amazing. It can fulfill anyone’s fantasy to the fullest. If you are looking for one of the best shops for sex toys in Vancouver, you generally don’t have to go further than this place.


Honey Gifts

Though it is mainly a shop for attractive lingerie, it is in no way far behind as far as adult toys are concerned. In fact, many people have found the best vibrators and magic wands in this place. The staff can assess and understand quickly who are first-timers to the shop and give them the privacy that they require and come to help whenever called upon to do so. Otherwise, they are very professional and knowledgeable about the products and tell you exactly what you need. Hygiene and tidiness are two very important aspects as far as adult shops are concerned and Honey Gifts scores highly in both of them.


The Art of Loving

This is a relatively new shop that has opened in Broadway Street in Vancouver and has already managed to make a name for itself in a very short period of time. It is an adult sex toy shop mainly but what sets it apart from the rest is that it is educational as well. It has a number of books and DVDs that educate you on this particular aspect and also conduct workshops for the same. One of the most famous workshops is How to Have a Great Orgasm and many people attend it every year. The range of products and the professionalism of the staff working there are at par with the best in the business.


Womyn’s Ware

The name of this shop is pretty unique and so is the product and the services that are provided by it. Womyn’s Ware is mainly female-centric and you will feel comfortable from the moment you step in. It does not have a shady vibe like most other adult stores. In fact, the teahouse theme of the shop makes it very welcoming. Women who visit this place once generally become a regular clientele. Some may say that the products are priced a little on the higher side here but considering the quality of products that they are providing, it is certainly worth it. The staff are always ready to help you with anything and will assist you in making the right purchase.


Male and Female Harmony Adult Store

There are rarely any adult stores that specialize in male and female sex toys equally, with the Male and Female Harmony Adult Store being an exception. It also has a huge collection of lingerie and couples can walk in and make their choice according to their wishes. You can mention to the staff that you are a first-timer and just want to look around on your own and they will readily give you your private space. It is due to this reason that many people who want to go to an adult store for the first time choose this place over the others.


Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium

If you are looking for an adult store that is high on the ‘wow’ content, this is the one for you. The main USP of Little Sister’s is the product range. There are very few stores that provide bondage tapes in a huge plethora of colors that you will be spoiled to choose from. The newly included trans-masculine section is a novelty in itself and there are very few stores that can boast of the same. The best part is the amazing discounts that the shop provides to the customers.


Fantasy Factory Adult Store

One of the best stores in Vancouver if you are looking to buy Shibari condoms which are considered the best in the world. Not only that, this store sports a number of other sex toys and recreational DVDs, especially for the ones who love to go old-school.  Even the staff working in the place are extremely chilled out and will come forward to help you only if you ask them to. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, this is the one for you.


Deadly Couture

If you are someone who likes to be on the kinkier side as far as sex toys are concerned, Deadly Couture will definitely meet your needs. Though the store specializes in stuff related to dom or sub, there is something for everyone and anyone. The selection of lingerie and other roleplay items definitely makes it worth a visit.


Cindie’s Lingerie and Novelties

Not everyone has the same needs and requirements as far as adult toys are concerned and Cindie’s store knows that perfectly well. It has been around since 1994 and this itself shows how popular the adult novelty store is. All the staff working there are well-trained and cordial and make maximum efforts to make you feel at home. Along with the sex toys, they sell lingerie, lubes, gear for bondages, bath products, almost everything under the Sun that is related to adult sex toys.


Love Nest

Most couples want to add to their stock of toys in order to make their sexual life more intimate. The ideal place to head to if you are not very high on the budget is Love Nest. The staff are also extremely helpful and will make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. The credibility of the place can be judged from the fact that it has a lot of online recommendations.


Honey on Cambie

Similar to the Honey Gifts store, this shop is located on Cambie Street in Vancouver and is above step above the rest. The premier place to buy boudoir items and adult sex toys, one thing that they guarantee is a quality item that is better than any other place in the same area. The shop definitely has something for everyone.


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