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Mexico is in Asia right?

If you’re an ass-man, I am the latina for you. Ass for days.. weeks… months even.

Kiss it, hug it, love it, bury your face in it… this booty is for you!

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    • 성별
    • 나이:

      Didn't you know it's rude to ask a girl's age?

      If there is an age range listed it's accurate.

      A girl may look younger or older to you based on your cultural background, or her genetics. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

      Early 20s
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    • 스카이트레인:

      나열된 기차역은 도보 거리에 있습니다.

    • 키:
      166 cm
    • 키스:
    • 인종:
    • 영어:
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- 가격 -
  • 요금
    • 15분

      퀵 15분 풀서비스/하프서비스 (선택) .

    • 30분

      30분 풀서비스 (샤워, 한번발사 포함)

    • 45분

      45분 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤60워, 한번발사)

    • 60분

      60불 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤워, 한번발사, 마사지)

    • 90분

      90분 풀서비스 ( 애인모드, 샤워 , 한번발사 , 마사지)
      서두르지말고 느긋하게 즐기는 90분 애인모드!

    • 2 시간

      A relaxing full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, two shots, some conversation, and massage (if desired). Take your time and enjoy the moment.

    • 8 시간

      The ultimate experience. 8 Hours, unlimited shots, and all extras on the menu included. Regular working hours are extended for this session, because you are a very special guest. Ask nicely and a meal is included.

    • 방문서비스

      기본 1시간부터 예약가능
      10분이상 걸리는 거리는 거리에따라 이동 금액 추가됨.

    • 커플

      당신의 와이프 또는 여자친구와 함께 3명이서 1시간 커플세션.

    • Nuru

      Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. We do not use oil, as we only provide an authentic Nuru experience using the best authentic products imported from Japan that are excellent for the skin.

      During the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, triggering strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. Nuru is a one hour session that also includes all services that are in a regular session.

      Please advise when booking as this does take a few minutes to setup in advance.

  • 엑스트라
    • 풀 서비스
    • BBBJ
    • 엑스트라 샷

      예약한시간내에1번 더 발사가능. (추가후 발사못했을시 환불불가)
      90분 세션은 기본2번 발사포함이니 참고바람

    • DATY/69
    • 입안사정
    • 입안사정+ 삼키기
    • 얼굴에 발사
    • 애널애무
    • DATO
    • 애널플러그

      애널전용으로 만들어진 토이로 애널에 넣은 모습을 감상할수 있음 .

    • 여성고객

      새로운 짜릿한 경험 보장 !

    • 더블팀

      Two guys, one girl. Double team, tag team, spit roast, or whatever you want to call it, it's a good time for all. Each guest pays the full rate. Available for regular customers only.

    • 쓰리썸

      Fever girls 2명과 화끈하게 즐기는 쓰리썸

      기본 듀오 가격
      각 소녀의 정상 가격을 합산하여 플레이합니다. 두 번 하세요.

      좀 더 깊이 교감하는 듀오가격
      (여자끼리 서로 애무포함)
      각 소녀의 정상 가격에 각 소녀당 $150를 추가합니다. 두 번 하세요.

    • 포르노 스타일

      좀더 격렬하게 포르노처럼 즐기는세션.
      입안사정,애널애무,1번 추가발사 포함된 패키지

    • 골든 샤워

      Trump's favorite. She gives, you receive.

    • 섹스 토이

      Use the world famous, original, magic wand on her. Maximum power.. orgasms guaranteed.

      Charge does not apply to girl-girl sessions.

    • 애널
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  1. MMM
    2 months ago
    Saw her last night, and wow she is good at what she does. Thick and curvy in all the right places. Her head game is on another level. That ass is something I could not stop kissing and slapping it. Very nice breasts that I could not stop sucking and kissing. Was greeted with a smile and right away into the shower as it was cold as fuck. Head in the shower was great. Then on to the bed with some 69. She rode me like a champ, then continued on with some doggy and missionary. This girl is amazing and highly recommend you book her. You won’t be disappointed. Gracias for the amazing night Tequila
  2. Intes
    3 months ago
    She is a dream of a girl, she is delicious, she couldn't stop sucking her tits, she is the best 😍 it's all a fire
  3. Andrew
    3 months ago
    She’s good. Was a blast with her roommate.. I think it was Bonita. Duo with these two were great.
  4. Jonathan R
    7 months ago
  5. Big g
    7 months ago
  6. Big B
    7 months ago
    Best Latina for big members
  7. Robert DeNau
    9 months ago
    She’s my ATF Latina. Great head work
  8. Zanougle
    9 months ago
    Being with Tequila today was a fiesta! She is such a sweet woman too. She gave me a fantastic blow job and her special mouth and tongue action tickled and pleased my balls. We had some fun conversations about music that we were listening to and comics we enjoyed watching. She gave me nice massage with coconut oil and a water bottle at the end. And I think she gave the nickname of Mr. Churro. 😉 Gracias for your wonderful service Tequila!
  9. Reflex
    10 months ago
    The girl came two times and what an ass! Make her wear a dress and wow
  10. San
    10 months ago
    Tequila is always amazing. She has a nice and warm personality. She's so good when it comes to sex. Cock sucking skills - 10/10. Fuck her doggy style and feel the bouncy ass. She's a queen ❤️
  11. Milo
    11 months ago
    Om she is sooooooo Beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 I want to repeat always with her, she is so sweet
  12. MrHappy
    11 months ago
    Had the pleasure of meeting her last week. She's sweet, sexy and accommodating. Loved every minute! I'll book again!
  13. Good boy
    12 months ago
    This girl is amazing, she has a very pretty face, a dreamy butt, she sat in my mouth and sucked my dick like a lollipop, I definitely want to see her, she always becomes my lover.❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😛
  14. Rio M.
    15 months ago
    Hello afternoon, I'm new to all this, my experience with the agency was very good, they really respond very quickly if you need a girl, they do the best they can because everything is perfect and fit for Service to be more than covered 👌. My experience was with an exquisite and beautiful tequila!! A young girl with the face of a very educated, attentive, very accessible girl, the photos of her don't really do her justice, believe me, it's much more than what you see. She has impressive breasts, her buttocks, her hips and her abdomen are crazy, she really has a figure that any woman would envy, she gave me a delicious oral to stimulate me, what lips and what a way to devour, after that she took her tits out and she proceeded to suck them, she also got on top of me, and listening to her moans is so delicious, she's very dedicated to what she does🔥 We changed doggy position, the missionary kept looking at her, feeling her breasts on my face when we fucked sublime Since they bounce when on top of one, they have a flirty look that totally grabs you, you won't regret it. But above all, she is a very kind woman who adapts to the situation, I really appreciate her service, I highly recommend her and I consider hiring her hairdressing service, because if I want it for the next meeting, she would definitely come. back to hire her ❤🔥
  15. Rav
    16 months ago
    Best bjjj and that butt 😗😗
  16. Booty Lick
    16 months ago
    Tequila is the perfect girl if you are looking for a true gfe experience. Love giving Dato. Stuck my tongue in and out and she took it like a champ with moaning getting her pussy so wet she was dripping. She loves catering you and she showered me and gave me a bbbj in the shower and it was just an experience I hadn't had in a while. Definitely repeat for me. She is a diva with an ass to est for days.
  17. Saúl
    17 months ago
    Life is more beautiful with this girl, she smiles at me all the time, she opens the door and I see a beautiful tall girl with white skin and beautiful eyes, she takes me to bed, I wonder if we could take a bath together, now in the shower she She started putting soap on my body and I on hers so I could caress her beautiful big breasts. We went to bed and she sucked you like an ice cream, and she spit on my best friend, we went to the act of love, and she jumped spanking without being able to stop until the end, an experience that I would repeat without hesitation. . .
  18. Latina Lover
    17 months ago
    Wow just wow, what an experience!!! I will never forget this for as long as I live I am already so attracted to Latina ladies with all thier curves and passion. Tequila exemplifies all of this, so delicious, so present, so enjoyable! Alas, I wish I had more time in Canada that I could have multiple visits with her. Stunning!!!
  19. what experience
    18 months ago
    what an ass omg!
  20. Adam
    18 months ago
    OMG!!! what a experience with you today. I experience the real GF experience. I love the smile & her sexy eyes. No words to describe it. I agree with all the comments below. It's very hard not to fall in love with her. I booked her today just for 45 minutes but I regret that I could not book her for 2hours
  21. JWine
    19 months ago
    Wow!Wow!Wow! Really all that needs to be said about Tequila. You are missing out if you don't request a date with this Mamacita! Super friendly and bubbly for my entire visit. I strongly recommend the 2 hours and all the fixings because she loves to please and does not at any point make you feel rushed or unwelcome. I even knocked like a dumbass and was still greeted with a her cute af smile and the braces making it that much more cute:). That ASS!!! BON Appetit! My first vigorous feasting on one in my 20+ years of activity with the opposite sex and I loved every second of it! As did she ;)! It's a dream and any man (or woman) into that type of thing would be remiss not to go all in on it! As always be a gentleman and ask first what she is and isn't okay with and she won't say no to much. I almost forgot to let her service me, I was so caught up on her fun! Massage! Get her Massage!!! If you don't you will be missing out on every knot in your tense body being in utter euphoria!! My body basically had an O from her massage skill. Proffesional as it gets she must be going to school for it, or be the instructor, it's that good :). Her english is great and it is sooo cute how she just pleasantly agrees with you if she doesn't understand something ;). The only regret I left with is having to follow the "Don't fall in love" rule :(. Which is why if this is the only way to see her again I will become one of her regulars ;)! My suggestion boys and girls. Let her go to work on you and you will float home no regrets! Gauranteed 100% satisfied!! VIVA MÉXICO!
  22. AsianBoy
    20 months ago
    Visited her a couple days ago. I’m still thinking of her. Greeted me in pink yoga pants and thigh high boots. Ass is amazing and firm! We showered then slobbered on my cock. I tongued her yummy butthole. She even let me fingered her butthole. We did some sloppy DFK even after I DATO her. Great personality and sexy body. Very cute face with braces. I couldn’t lay very long. Worth every penny.
  23. White guy
    20 months ago
    Guys, make an appointment with her. You’re missing out if you don’t. True GFE experience, she loves daty and bbbj is absolutely amazing. Couldn’t stop looking and touching that ass…hypnotizing.
  24. Rocky
    21 months ago
    Her ass is so chubby, my face had a great massage. Her boobs was handy and kissing was amazing.
  25. Booty call
    21 months ago
    Met up with Tequila today. Quite cute, nice boobs, nice ass. Shaking her ass while in a 69 position.
  26. Julio C.
    22 months ago
    Super cute and sexy! Helps that I speak Spanish, so we connected very easily. Very chill and spunky!
  27. B
    22 months ago
    Saw Tequila yesterday and had a blast. Her gfe service was amazing and I would definitely recommend it! I walked in and when I saw her ass… speechless LOL her english is decent enough for a conversation. She’s always giggling and seems to have a good time doing her job and has a very cute personality as well. Overall a great experience and she made sure I was satisfied. Highly recommend if you’re an ass guy!
  28. Dragon
    22 months ago
    Omg this girl has an incredible ass that norm to move it and kiss it!! smells very good recommended guys looking for new adventures!! Viva Mexico !! 🔥
  29. Chico peruano
    22 months ago
    Amigos latinos esta hermosura al fin no me hace sentir solo en esta cuidad deprimente.Tenemos una compañía latina,su trato fue súper amable huele súper rico !!!! Lo hace tan Rico que esas nalgas me volvieron loco 😍!!🔥
  30. Erectus
    22 months ago
    hello colleagues, I hope you have a good day, just as I had the meeting with this Mexican girl, I have been a VIP client for a few years and I am happy with the improvement in the quality of the girls. I am impressed with the beauty of this girl she has a very sweet face. I came to the right place Metrotown. Behind that door I honestly didn't think this girl had such a great body, I was impressed with her butt. She asked me if we wanted to take a bath together, we had a bath together, we laughed and we talked. After she took me to the room, we started talking about my day, even though she doesn't speak English well, I was able to understand her perfectly. Then she sucked me off, which is a delight by the way. She is very tight, so she made me come right away, we had a delicious massage and then we went back to shower together, I am happy with the treatment of this girl, she is very professional, anyone would be impressed to be here. With this girl, I highly recommend them, have a wonderful day.
  31. Hells
    22 months ago
    I want to congratulate the agency because they have very good service. I had a very good and unforgettable experience. I wish I could see this girl with more time, but my work does not allow it. I took a shower and had a good conversation with her, even though she does not speak. so good english, she sucks it very good and her body is delicious honestly i can't wait to see her again!!
  32. Androw
    22 months ago
    omg I was with this girl and she has incredible sex!!
  33. Vishious10
    22 months ago
    Talk about ass for days. OMG 😳😳

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