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    • 스카이트레인:
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    • 키:
      165 cm
    • 키스:
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- Prices -
  • Rates
    • 15분

      퀵 15분 풀서비스/하프서비스 (선택) .

    • 30분

      30분 풀서비스 (샤워, 한번발사 포함)

    • 45분

      45분 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤60워, 한번발사)

    • 60분

      60불 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤워, 한번발사, 마사지)

    • 90분

      90분 풀서비스 ( 애인모드, 샤워 , 한번발사 , 마사지)
      서두르지말고 느긋하게 즐기는 90분 애인모드!

    • 2 Hours
    • 스페셜 풀서비스

      한시간 동안 정해진 루틴으로 길게 즐기는 풀서비스 세션
      (뜨거운/차가운 물 오랄 , 바디슬라이딩 , 바디로 마사지 , 입안사정 , 애널애무 , 1회추가발사 포함).
      첫번째 발사는 bbbj로만 가능.

    • 방문서비스

      기본 1시간부터 예약가능
      10분이상 걸리는 거리는 거리에따라 이동 금액 추가됨.

    • 커플

      당신의 와이프 또는 여자친구와 함께 3명이서 1시간 커플세션.

  • Extras
    • 엑스트라 샷

      예약한시간내에1번 더 발사가능. (추가후 발사못했을시 환불불가)
      90분 세션은 기본2번 발사포함이니 참고바람

    • 입안사정
    • 입안사정+ 삼키기
    • 얼굴에 발사
    • BBBJ
    • DATY/69
    • 애널애무
    • 애널
    • A2M

      Must be combined with Greek

    • 애널플러그

      애널전용으로 만들어진 토이로 애널에 넣은 모습을 감상할수 있음 .

    • 여성고객

      새로운 짜릿한 경험 보장 !

    • 쓰리썸

      Fever girls 2명과 화끈하게 즐기는 쓰리썸

      기본 듀오 가격
      30 분 = $320 (2번 발사)
      45 분 = $360 (2번 발사)
      60 분 = $440 (2 발사)
      90 분 = $720 (4 발사)

      좀 더 깊이 교감하는 듀오가격
      (여자끼리 서로 애무포함)
      30 Minutes = $620 (2 발사)
      45 Minutes = $660 (2 발사)
      60 Minutes = $740 (2 발사)
      90 Minutes = $1020 (4 발사)

    • 그룹(4명)

      여자2남자2(본인외 1명 자신이 데리고와야함) 그룹세션.
      여자2명 모두 즐길수있음. 1번씩 발사.
      가격은 여자2인 기본가격 +여자2인 그룹세션가격

    • 포르노 스타일

      좀더 격렬하게 포르노처럼 즐기는세션.
      입안사정,애널애무,1번 추가발사 포함된 패키지

    • BDSM

      마치 그녀의 애완견, 노예가되어 그녀의 지시대로 모두 수행하며 쾌감느끼는 흥미진진한 세션.

    • .001 Condom

      Aoni .001 XL Condom

      Current Guiness World Record for the thinnest condom in the world.

      Feel everything while still being safe. These condoms are thinner than a human hair and yet strong enough to do what they are designed to do. There is nothing else like it.

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- Reviews -
  1. gavin
    2 ago
    super cute
  2. Chen
    21 ago
    If you're into asses and tits, you gotta love this girl. Greatest ass, tits and body ever that I ever experienced!
  3. Maverick
    23 ago
    I saw Kitty for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. She is so hot and beautiful and lovely and sexy and sweet. I can't wait to see her again.
  4. Param
    1 month ago
    She is so hot .i want play with. Her day and night ..And i want to suck her pussy smoothly😘
  5. John
    2 months ago
    What an amazing young woman So friendly and really makes you feel special Stunning body and personality
  6. K
    2 months ago
    Kitty is a sweet heart. I was completely at ease during the entire time. Perky tits, wicked bj and a very hot kitty. Amazing girl.
  7. Bob
    2 months ago
    Guys forget the rest, she is the best. I revisited her and this time she was even better than before. First a tease, then lot of kisses, then titty suck, the 69. And her kitty is just so tight i came in 30 sec. She is worth every dime. No Regrets and def a revisit.
  8. Kitty licker
    2 months ago
    Kitty is exceptional. From the first greeting at the door to the sensual foreplay she really delivers on her service. She's such a sweet heart and fun.
  9. Toni
    3 months ago
    She is amazing girl I ever seen. Good personality and very polite girl too.
  10. cloud 9
    3 months ago
    she has a very good personality, perfect boobs and bum, eager to play, definitely recommend to try her out.
  11. OO
    3 months ago
    she made me feel like fall in a marshmallow, so fantasy
  12. Dsmall
    3 months ago
    saw her yesterday and omg she did not disappoint. Body of a goddess and with her pretty looks. Wow. What a session I had. Will definitely see her again. Perfect 10 for me.
  13. Bob
    3 months ago
    She has skin like silk, buttery smooth and very cheerful. Perfect petite package. Big booty, perky tits, silk skin and tight kitty. What a diva. Definitely a re-visit.
  14. hitmanthe2ndi
    4 months ago
    visited kitty she’s amazing
  15. Lover
    6 months ago
    What a beautiful young woman. Her body is absolutely perfect. Extremely attractive with all natural and perfect breasts. Had a wonderful time in the shower with a breast massage followed by a great oral session. Back to the bedroom for a delicious session. Over all to soon. Will definitely want to visit again.
  16. Lucky
    7 months ago
    This girl is sweet like honey.
  17. Asian fan
    7 months ago
    I was Kitty’s first customer! She is even more beautiful than her pictures. Her breasts are so perky I couldn’t stay away. After a teaser Bbbj in the shower, (after rubbing her soapy boobs on my back) we went back to her room. She is a playful little dancer. Just after she started the bbbj, she flipped over on my face so I could play with her cute butthole and pussy. After about 15 min she was soaking wet and climbed aboard. We switched it up so I could pound away. I would highly recommend this sweetie.

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