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I’m young, thicc and a lover of dick

If you’re tired of imports I’m the “barely legal” babe for you, locally made and grown.

So hop in, let’s go for a ride on the sea to sky thighway.

**Greek is offered at my discretion. You must mention your interest during a normal session first, and I may offer a “Greek Pass” to book Greek in the future. Greek must be booked the day before so that I can prepare. Thanks!**

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    • 이름:
    • 나이:

      Didn't you know it's rude to ask a girl's age?

      If there is an age range listed it's accurate.

      A girl may look younger or older to you based on your cultural background, or her genetics. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

      Early 20s
    • 위치:
    • 스카이트레인:

      나열된 기차역은 도보 거리에 있습니다.

    • 가슴컵:
    • 키:
      155 cm
    • 키스:
    • 음모:
    • 인종:
      아시아 사람
    • 영어:
      Canadian Born
    • Languages:
      American Sign Language
    • 성적타입:
      이성,동성 모두 좋아함
- Prices -
  • Rates
    • 15분

      퀵 15분 풀서비스/하프서비스 (선택) .

    • 30분

      30분 풀서비스 (샤워, 한번발사 포함)

    • 45분

      45분 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤60워, 한번발사)

    • 60분

      60불 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤워, 한번발사, 마사지)

    • 90분

      90분 풀서비스 ( 애인모드, 샤워 , 한번발사 , 마사지)
      서두르지말고 느긋하게 즐기는 90분 애인모드!

    • 2 Hours

      A relaxing full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, two shots, some conversation, and massage (if desired). Take your time and enjoy the moment.

    • 8 Hours

      The ultimate experience. 8 Hours, unlimited shots, and all extras on the menu included. Regular working hours are extended for this session, because you are a very special guest. Ask nicely and a meal is included.

    • 방문서비스

      기본 1시간부터 예약가능
      10분이상 걸리는 거리는 거리에따라 이동 금액 추가됨.

    • 커플

      당신의 와이프 또는 여자친구와 함께 3명이서 1시간 커플세션.

    • Nuru

      Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. We do not use oil, as we only provide an authentic Nuru experience using the best authentic products imported from Japan that are excellent for the skin.

      During the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, triggering strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. Nuru is a one hour session that also includes all services that are in a regular session.

      Please advise when booking as this does take a few minutes to setup in advance.

  • Extras
    • Full Service
    • BBBJ
    • DATY/69
    • 엑스트라 샷

      예약한시간내에1번 더 발사가능. (추가후 발사못했을시 환불불가)
      90분 세션은 기본2번 발사포함이니 참고바람

    • 입안사정
    • 입안사정+ 삼키기
    • 얼굴에 발사
    • 애널애무
    • DATO
    • 애널
    • 섹스 토이

      Use the world famous, original, magic wand on her. Maximum power.. orgasms guaranteed.

      Charge does not apply to girl-girl sessions.

    • 애널플러그

      애널전용으로 만들어진 토이로 애널에 넣은 모습을 감상할수 있음 .

    • 여성고객

      새로운 짜릿한 경험 보장 !

    • Double Team

      Two guys, one girl. Double team, tag team, spit roast, or whatever you want to call it, it's a good time for all. Each guest pays the full rate. Available for regular customers only.

    • 쓰리썸

      Fever girls 2명과 화끈하게 즐기는 쓰리썸

      기본 듀오 가격
      각 소녀의 정상 가격을 합산하여 플레이합니다. 두 번 하세요.

      좀 더 깊이 교감하는 듀오가격
      (여자끼리 서로 애무포함)
      각 소녀의 정상 가격에 각 소녀당 $150를 추가합니다. 두 번 하세요.

      서로 애무가능
    • 포르노 스타일

      좀더 격렬하게 포르노처럼 즐기는세션.
      입안사정,애널애무,1번 추가발사 포함된 패키지

    • Golden Shower

      Trump's favorite. She gives, you receive.

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Please note that we only communicate in English. We offer same-day or day-before booking.

- Reviews -
  1. yanlovez
    1 month ago
  2. UFCanuck
    5 months ago
    Incredible body, exactly my type. Beautiful face. But more importantly for me is her down to earth personality. She’s the type of girl that you will rarely find. The best girl @asianfever.
  3. Nate
    6 months ago
    Had a two hour duo with Mercy and Ocean, Mercy is a sweet, friendly great company, and is even more attractive in person than in her pics/videos. Thanks Mercy you are a sweetheart.
  4. GuywdTatts
    6 months ago
    Damn!! Hot! Hot Hot! Just saw her and wow! She's very cute, very courteous, not a clock watcher. Worth every $$$ Please treat her with respect. You won't regret it.
  5. PlantBuilder
    8 months ago
    She’s a baddie
  6. JustAnotherAsian
    8 months ago
    I saw Mercy for 2 hours a few weeks ago. All the reviews here are 100% accurate. She is super chill and relaxed, very easy to talk to so you'll be comfortable right away. She has a great natural body, pretty face and an ass that makes you never wanna leave ;) I highly recommend Mercy, she does everything on the menu great kisser bbbj and etc. If you get a chance to see her you won't regret it!
  7. kawasakiboy
    9 months ago
    This is by far the best AF girl I’ve seen. Every moment was amazing with her. We started off with a shower then she gave me a nice massage which led to her laying on top of me where we had our DFK session. Then she went down to kiss the little head and blew me like no other girl ever has. After we moved into the 69 position and ate her pussy out preparing for the main meal. After she went into doggy and I was pounding her while grabbing those perfect ass cheeks. I then got tired and told her to ride me, which led to her riding me and making out until I couldn’t take that tight pussy anymore and I blew my load. After we had more dfk and then showered and talked until my hour ended. She’s honestly a beauty, thank you Mercy.
  8. BaldingUnder30
    9 months ago
    No need to be afraid of being catfished. She is indeed the age she has listed, and is a beautiful, down to earth young lady. Treat her right. Part of me wants to say, "Please help promote her!", but the other part me wants her to stay a hidden gem.
  9. Me awesome deadly
    9 months ago
    Saw her for a pre Christmas treat, super cute a gives a great bbbj ,started there but that ass makes ya want doggie, Very round and firm butt that looks great from behind , finished up in her mouth after more bbbj …. Was awesome she has a great technique 🤯
  10. willyhilly
    11 months ago
    Great ass, great bj. She's the best
  11. Mature Redwood
    12 months ago
    “Dear God have Mercy on me…” And there IS such a thing as heaven on earth!!! So young, so sweet, and I’m so grateful…
  12. Trifid
    13 months ago
    Scheduled two hours with Mercy, she's incredible! Great kissing and cuddling and skills in general, it was also super nice chatting with her. I will come back :)
  13. AB
    13 months ago
    She does no mercy on the d**k. Squeezed every single drop of me. ❤️
  14. John Wayne
    14 months ago
    WOW beautiful ,friendly helps you relax and unwind. Definitely going back to see her again.
  15. Admirer
    15 months ago
    She's a little sweet goddess. Delicious lips and body. Great sex and chitchat. Every minute with her is like a dream.
  16. JCatz
    16 months ago
    Mercy can she suck some cock. Booked a P$E and upon arriving she greeted me in a nice matching bra and thong. Nice shower service with lots of shaft stroking and deep butt washing. Back to the bedroom, taking turns between swallowing my throbbing cock and balls keeping great eye contact well happily licking up the pre cum. Flipped over for a great rim session while keeping thorough attention to my swollen member. Could barely hold it so hat goes on and ride the first shot out in missionary with hard deep strokes. A nice massage followed by more deep rimming to awaking jr. After another furious cock sucking we run through all the positions, this time hard deep fucking. Came in spoon position looking deep into the mirror as that tiny pussy handled my huge cock for 20 or so minutes. Cleaned jr up with her mouth. A nice chat and shower and was on my way. This girl is a gem. 10/10
  17. JimmyZ
    16 months ago
    Greatest butthole ever! I buried my face in that ass and I’ll tell ya I didn’t want to leave haha I was as hard as I’ve ever been and taking care of her pleasure as well as mine…. Sweet girl, wonderful skills riding me…. Shot a nice load in her mouth. Highly recommended!
  18. JapaDog
    16 months ago
    This woman is incredible !! 10/10 !! One of the best AF has to offer. BY FAR the best booty of all the girls and I spent lots of time licking both holes real good 🍑👅 … Definitely invest the extra $$ for CIM option, she let me shoot it on her tongue , porno-movie style, while looking in my eyes. I’m hard again now just thinking about it. 🍆 😊 Can’t wait to see her again! I lost track of how many times I said ohhhhh MERCY !! 👌🏽 ❤️
  19. Hash1979
    16 months ago
    Had a Session with this Cutie 🥰 pie 🥧 today. I requested her to show my load before she swallows it & my wish duly granted. She showed me my load before swallowing it & she swallowed every single drop of it. She’s super fun 🤩 to chat 💬 with as well
  20. Pacific Rim Fan
    17 months ago
    For those who are (understandably) skeptical about her being a real CBC, she 100% is. She greeted me with "How's it going?" without a hint of any accent. I don't really care either way, except that it makes communication easier, but for those who are skeptical, she's the real deal. She's also cute as hell, a little more petite than i expected, and energetic. Doesn't feel like she's running you through the routine...if you're making happy noises while she's doing whatever she's doing, she'll take that cue before she moves on. She's a great time.
  21. Vishious10
    17 months ago
    Holy shit these new pics are fire 🔥🔥.. she is to die for. im going through mercy withdrawals!
  22. PP
    17 months ago
    Merci is a cute doll, local college girl, looks much younger in real, unlike other asian girls, she is a real GF type. Services were great, I would go again just to see her cute face..
  23. Sven
    17 months ago
    She's genuinely a local girl. Felt very comfortable with her. She's really wonderful person. Yes did enjoy her ass - it tastes really yummy! Will definitely be back for sure. And yes she's sexy pretty.
  24. Visitor Q
    18 months ago
    Beautiful, sexy, cute, hot, funny, smart, cool, kind, magical, mind-blowing. 100/100
  25. Cowboy
    18 months ago
    She is superb🔥🔥🔥
  26. Marching Soldier
    18 months ago
    Had a visit with this cute young girl, Mercy. Petite baby. Stroking my cock while rimming. Also rub my ass and body while rimming.
  27. Bart24fromPerb
    18 months ago
    Had an extended visit with Mercy last weekend. She is awesome! Great figure with strong legs and a curvy ass to squeeze. Very pretty face and a very relaxed and chill personality. Excellent bbbj - dato and awesome daty! See you again very soon Mercy!
  28. Vishious10
    18 months ago
    I saw Mercy for a 45 m session and was it with it or what!! Started off just conversing and warming up before getting into it. She started with the best BBBJ you’d have. While she was sucking me off, she got on top of me to do some 69 action. She tasted just as good as she looks. She then started riding me for a while before we did some doggy and then i got inbetween her legs and while pounding her she pulled me close and started to make out. It going without saying i’m coming back for more!!
  29. ISU
    19 months ago
    I got the first score!!!! I would give her 100 out of 10 (not a typo here)!!!!! Beautiful face, great body, tasty juicy ass. Great kisser. Loves her tight pussy to be strected wide open. Dined at her juicy ass like a piece of steak!!! ;)
  30. horny
    19 months ago
    looks yummy

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