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I’m a real student with a serious naughty side. If you want youth, I’m it… just don’t tell my teacher.

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      A girl may look younger or older to you based on your cultural background, or her genetics. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

      Mid 20s
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      153 cm
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  • Rates
    • 15 Minutes

      A quick full or half service session. Don't expect the Kamasutra.

      Not Offered
    • 30 Minutes

      A short full service stay. Includes shared shower and one shot.

    • 45 Minutes

      A full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower and one shot.

    • 60 Minutes

      A full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, one shot, and massage (if desired).

    • 90 Minutes

      A relaxing full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, two shots, and massage (if desired). Take your time and enjoy the moment.

    • 2 hours

      A relaxing full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, two shots, some conversation, and massage (if desired). Take your time and enjoy the moment.

    • 8 hours

      The ultimate experience. 8 Hours, unlimited shots, and all extras on the menu included. Regular working hours are extended for this session, because you are a very special guest. Ask nicely and a meal is included.

    • Outcall

      Starting rate is for a one hour stay with a maximum travel time of 10 minutes. Further distance will be at additional cost. For safety reasons, we only provide outcall to hotels and not private residences.

      Not Offered
    • Couples

      An hour long fully interactive experience for you and your wife or girlfriend.

    • Nuru

      Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. We do not use oil, as we only provide an authentic Nuru experience using the best authentic products imported from Japan that are excellent for the skin.

      During the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, triggering strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. Nuru is a one hour session that also includes all services that are in a regular session.

      Please advise when booking as this does take a few minutes to setup in advance.

      Not Offered
  • Extras
    • Full Service
    • BBBJ
    • MSOG

      Price for a second chance in the same timeframe booked.
      Note that 90 minute sessions already include two shots.
      Not refundable if you cannot actually achieve the second attempt.

    • DATY/69
    • CIM
    • CIMSW
    • COF
    • Rimming
    • DATO
    • Buttplug

      A toy for the model to wear. If you ask nice you can help her with it.

      Not Offered
    • Female Clients

      Ladies welcome. Interested in experimenting with a women? We can offer a private and discreet sensual encounter.

      Toys included, but not required. Her mouth is your pleasure. :)

    • Double Team

      Two guys, one girl. Double team, tag team, spit roast, or whatever you want to call it, it's a good time for all. Each guest pays the full rate. Available for regular customers only.

      Not Offered
    • Duo

      Two Fever girls and you, for the ultimate experience.

      Standard All-In Duo Pricing

      30 Minutes = Each girls time rate - 2 shots
      45 Minutes = Each girls time rate - 2 shots
      60 Minutes = Each girls time rate - 2 shots
      90 Minutes = Each girls time rate - 4 shots
      120 Minutes = Each girls time rate - 4 shots

      Interactive All-In Duo Pricing
      (Includes Full Girl on Girl Lesbian)

      Same as above. Add $150 for each girl.
      For example, an hour interactive duo would
      be each girls hourly rate combined, +$300.

    • PSE

      A package deal including CIM, RIM, and MSOG.

    • Golden Shower

      Trump's favorite. She gives, you receive.

    • Toys

      Use the world famous, original, magic wand on her. Maximum power.. orgasms guaranteed.

      Charge does not apply to girl-girl sessions.

    • Pegging
      Not Offered
    • Greek
      Not Offered
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- Reviews -
  1. Jayy
    2 months ago
    Saw Fresh a few days ago and I was blown away! She is so kind and immediately made me feel at ease. The session was explosive and she told me exactly what she wanted me to do and I complied. Petite but firm body. So tight I had to finish quickly, and she gave me a very long massage afterwards. 10/10 would definitely see her again!
  2. Skinny and Gentle
    2 months ago
    Fresh said I was skinny. But then she said I was big, so that was ok. She's so nice and enjoys a nice gentle build up but then she can take it like a pro. She really knows her way around the stick. I would definitely visit her again!
  3. K
    3 months ago
    Exceeded expectations! She is an absolute gem. Everything I wanted & more from the physicality, but where she really shines is the personality. She is beyond cute & very funny. She told me she wants to put more positivity into the world & I can assure you that she does just that. If I was a local, I would see her as much as possible. Thank you again for the magnificent & memorable experience!
  4. JJ
    4 months ago
    Very nice to have met you. I didn't know what to expect going in. It was quite the experience. Personality and her laugh. I feel re"freshed"! Til we meet again.
  5. Mr H
    4 months ago
    Saw fresh some days ago, she’s Funny and cute… she was awesome.. I didn’t expect those moves from her. She did everything perfectly the way I wanted and liked it. Treat her nice.
  6. Dante
    5 months ago
    Fresh is beautiful, kind and very sexy definitely coming back for her. Very professional!
  7. Timmy
    6 months ago
    I was glad to see Fresh again. Also, I enjoyed relaxing with her. 😍😍😍
  8. M
    6 months ago
    Very friendly and accommodating, will be back for sure
  9. Joe Blow
    6 months ago
    Fresh is a pleaser. She's sweet and wholesome when you need her to be and nasty when you want her to be. I'll be seeing her again soon.
  10. Nate
    7 months ago
    Had a session with Fresh and Yello. Fresh petite very cute, chatty makes you feel very comfortable. A firecracker and sweet heart in one tiny package.
  11. Pete
    7 months ago
    Fresh is wonderful, sweet and fun. Strongly recommend!
  12. Ryan
    8 months ago
    For sure will see Fresh again !!!I had an amazing time. She is a beautiful and cute girl. I love that you are so tiny, I loved your BJ skills, kisses and those beautiful tiny feet. (I wish I could keep them close so I can kiss them all the time). Thanks for dinner, next time for sure it will be two hours, and next time if you are ok with it,I will bring a bottle of wine, when the date arrives I will enjoy with you more ;)
  13. RPJ
    9 months ago
    Saw her around 10PM at night. She is sooo cute! Very nice and such a vibe for me. Booked for 60 min sesh, but it seemed like she was like super into me and the sesh ended up lasting almost 90 mins lol and it seemed like she wanted to keep me for company longer! I actually had to make myself leave in order to catch the train on time haha. Really felt like a GFE! Gives great head, got me instantly horny. Busted pretty quick in mish cus she was so tight and my refractory time kinda sucks so I ended up eating her out a bit and getting a nice massage and some nice and funny convos. Overall experience was great, would def recommend. She even tried to carry me as I was leaving (was successful lol im like 5'7 155lbs) haha that was so cute!
  14. Jae
    9 months ago
    Had a amazing time with Fresh a few days ago, I went for 90 min it was my first time so I was seriously nervous but she did everything to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. The moment she started blowing me I was in heaven. When we finished we had a bit of extra time we ended up just talking and she honestly amazing helped me with some personal problems. OH and also her massage was amazing after it I understand why she's called fresh because I felt so refreshed after. I will come visit Fresh again <3
  15. Dave
    11 months ago
    Such a gorgeous young woman from head to toe. Fresh treats you like a prince from the moment she opens the door. The web pictures do not do her justice, she has an exquisite body and a delightful face. She far exceeded my expectations and made me regret I didn't have more time to spend in her arms. Absolute little stunner.
  16. Mike
    11 months ago
    Visited Fresh today. Was my very first time as well. I was quite hesitant at first and had no clue what to do. She made me feel comfortable from the start to the end. All I can say is that I had this fantasy and it all came through with Fresh. I’m glad I was able to spend it with her. She’s truly amazing, and with an amazing personality and fun sense of humour. I already miss her. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is what I give her. Thank you Fresh for having let me spend this time with you.
  17. Jay
    12 months ago
    I would like t say she is really sweet and a real treat to be with I recommend her to anyone who wants there’s socks blown off. I give her a ten out of ten and I will go back to her again and again!
  18. Zanougle
    13 months ago
    Met Fresh this past Thursday and I give her the following: 10/10 Rimming 10/10 BBBJ 10/10 DFK Overall, she gives a very good service, fun to talk to, and a nice woman. Thank you, Fresh.
  19. JohnnyO
    13 months ago
    I saw Fresh today. She was exactly as advertised. Young, petite, friendly, eash to talk to and a great massage. I opted for the full hour with RIM. She started off with me on my back licking my body and kissing my nipples. After I turned over she liked my back, legs and then did a wonderful RIM session. Next was a great BJ followed by covered cowgirl. She was very tight with great movement that soon sent me over the edge. She massaged me for the rest of the hour as we chatted. Her massage is to die for.
  20. Mason
    13 months ago
    The other reviews tell you everything you need to know. So rather than repeat them I'll say if they sound like your type of SP you should definitely check her out. Thanks cutie!
  21. YoYo
    15 months ago
    Fresh always be nice to me. She is a friendly and funny girl. She was treated very well a usual. I will come back to her again.
  22. Jelly
    15 months ago
    I lost my v card to her! love it
  23. KL
    16 months ago
  24. 2K
    17 months ago
    Easy to get along with. Chill and non judgemental. Tight is right. Very fun to hangout with and her hand warmer is pretty cool. One of the best massages I’ve ever had and I ended up spending 8 hours with her by accident because I felt like I was at home with my girlfriend. Awesome experience.
  25. LuvvurrBoi
    18 months ago
    Absolutely luvved my time with Fresh. Sweet tiny petite and soo cute.💕
  26. Ken
    19 months ago
    Saw her again yesterday, this time for 1.5 hours. Experience was even better than the last time. Will be back for sure.
  27. stankbreathsmeel
    19 months ago
    her dfk turned me on
  28. Sunny
    20 months ago
    Sexy and fun time. Many thanks.
  29. E.D
    20 months ago
    This past Friday was my first time using a full service provider and the first time in months i got any action. was nervous asf but fresh was very comforting. let me warm my hands up under her pillow with a hand warmer while she put her head to work. after my hands were warmed up i enjoyed 69ing and she hopped on top to bounce on top to finish me off. felt embarrassed but she was very reassuring. after a rest and a terrific back massage (better than an actual massage place i visited) she said she was sure i could do a second shot (and offered to hang out for a lil while longer to just hang if i couldnt) but she made sure she gave me my donations worth . was able to pull out another stiffy with her amazing mouth skills and directed me to get on top this time and took a good few minute pounding and directed harder and softer and directed my hips to git teh spots i hope we both liked . id like to think it was mutual climax but if it wasnt it was very convincing with the kegal/contracting pussy that made her already tight sweet lips even more gripping. her photos dont do her breasts justice but they seem larger in person. all ready planning a trip back down next month. very hot and seductive eyes and personality. 10/10.
  30. Kenny
    20 months ago
    She is cute and kind. I had precious time with her.
  31. J M
    21 months ago
    Fresh is a little cutie with great attitude.Had a great time!
  32. Ken
    21 months ago
    I saw Fresh last Sunday for one hour. She is very sweet and kind. Petite, sexy, and tight af. This was my second time seeing her, definitely not the last time as both sessions were enjoyable. Fantastic SP.
  33. D
    21 months ago
    Saw Fresh today and it was totally worth it! Very soft spoken and kind, she made me feel less nervous about the whole thing. Paid extra for toy and cimsw and it was worth every dollar spent. Very happy and will be smiling for the rest of the day!
  34. Smoothy
    21 months ago
    Young but very mature for her age--helped me relax (over a month ago). Not a clock watcher. Would recommend
  35. Tourist
    22 months ago
    I saw her on short notice. Nice apartment easy to get to. She is very cute and tiny. Great BBBJ, rimming +40, and an extra pop +60. It was fantastic.
  36. khan
    22 months ago
    Was really nervous doing this for the first time but fresh made it easy and fun! sexy & cute, also fun to chat with, wish i booked for longer
  37. P
    22 months ago
    Great fun, very patient and understanding with me. Knew what buttons to press to go from 0 to full, back down and back up again.
  38. Al
    22 months ago
    very petite and cute. Good service with a great head massage afterward
  39. Carrot
    22 months ago
    I had a great time with Fresh today. She has a nice personality. She was so cheerful. Nice hands for massage too. I'd recommend Fresh. Y'all should try her.
  40. Timmy
    22 months ago
    I met her about more than 6 weeks ago. It was successful. I had fun with her. She looks cute as sexy petite.
  41. Jake the rake
    23 months ago
    BJ technique is good. She’s very petite and nice.
  42. Mey
    23 months ago
    Great experience! Well recommended.. Can’t wait to see her again! 😍
  43. Posterus
    24 months ago
    Fresh was exactly as advertised and all the reviews are spot on. She's very cute , might be a bit shy at first but she opens up quick and she has a great personality. She's eager to please and seems to genuinely enjoy what she does. We did most of the things on her menu. Very tight pussy, WOW! Very nice incall, in a condo, easy access. Go see her, it's a no brainer. Also big fan of this agency too.
  44. Jwine
    24 months ago
    Had a good time. Was dealing with a lot of life stress and Fresh was very understanding and did her absolute best to ignore how distracted and not all prepared to see her as I made a hasty last second decision and wasn't as ready or lively as I know I can be. So I really thank her for her patience and the shave ;). She's a beautiful woman and beautiful person and worth the time to spend with!
  45. Gym rat
    24 months ago
    Sweet, sexy and caring. Fresh was an amazing person to spend an evening with. Amazing kisser and such a beautiful smile. I'll be back for sure
  46. K
    25 months ago
    Tired after coming back to Vancouver. Booked a session, great service and had a couple laughs. She’s cute and knows what she’s doing. I’ll eat my vegetables and exercise thanks Fresh 🤣
  47. kawasakiboy
    25 months ago
    Fresh was absolutely amazing last night. Everything from the start of our session right to the end was amazing. We started off with some dfk, after which she went down to meet the little head, which turned into 69 that blew my mind. After we switch multiple positions and ended our session with cudding and more dfk / talking. She is an absolute jem, be nice to her !
  48. O1
    26 months ago
    Tight AF, barely fit - and I'm no porn star. Cute and friendly
  49. Freshness
    26 months ago
    Met up with Fresh a few days ago. Very petite girl, quite cute and nervous.
  50. Ash
    26 months ago
    I'm someone who doesn't have a lot of experience, but Fresh was amazing. Best experience I've had at AF, highly recommend
  51. Rai
    27 months ago
    Fresh is a 10/10 was nervous at first but was eased into everything will for sure come back in the future
  52. Mr. T
    27 months ago
    This is a double review as I saw Fresh on Valentines Day <3 and again today. Needless to say she is amazing and incredibly beautiful as many have mentioned, but after today I think I've finally come to appreciate the GFE experience as I was always a down to business kind of guy. She makes a seemingly real connection the moment you walk in that you can not help but reciprocate. You really get lost in the moment, time seems to blur, and I left today feeling genuinely happy in my heart instead of just physically satisfied. I can't wait to see her again.
  53. Vic
    27 months ago
    Fresh is the very definition of super fun. Seeing her was refreshing and naughty. I have a lots of fun and the best part of my business trip, also the location was close to me, that made my decision easy.
  54. Freshco
    27 months ago
    I hooked up with Fresh and I have to admit she exceeded expectations. She me look unassuming and shy but she is by far the most skilled on the Asian fever roster! She enjoys her work and she’s so damn tight! Her butt is heaven when she’s 69’ing you and she loves porn. If your thinking of booking her, don’t, just do it. You will be pleasantly surprised!
  55. fresh
    27 months ago
    i liked her very much great in bed and not a clock watcher love to see her again soon
  56. King
    28 months ago
    I like fresh so much. She is very nice girl.With her I always can have GFE. Her service is fantastic. I will visit her again. Even though ,She is so far away form me.
  57. J
    29 months ago
    Fresh is a really cute girl with a sexy body that gave me an instant boner. She's very caring and fun which made the overall experience fantastic. Oh... so very tight! I will definitely be back! Fresh ❤️
  58. B_D_N
    30 months ago
    Fresh is sweet, cute, and knows her way around a pole. She knows how to take control, and she knows how to take direction. I enjoyed our hour together and look forward to my next visit!
  59. Jimmy (Jim bone )
    30 months ago
    Fresh was great cute little girl and gives you the best experience
  60. C
    31 months ago
    Fresh is fantastic at making me feel relaxed, she is a pleasure. definitely worth it.
  61. Bern
    31 months ago
    Fresh is very beautiful and yes fresh. I was nervous but she help me to be relax she is fun and respectful I ask her to be in charge, I wanted to receive It was right on… deliciously done… I will be back
  62. Jim
    32 months ago
    She is a very enjoyable person to spend time with. Sessions with her fly by so quickly. Everything is as advertised. Would Def recommend to try out.
  63. Jimmy
    33 months ago
    She’s amazing! The best of all the AF girls by far. Very sweet and young. Makes you fell comfortable, which is just as important as good boom-boom. Funny sense of humour and sucking skills out of this world. CIM option for sure, so good I was seeing stars ! :)
  64. Timmy
    33 months ago
    I had fun with her. I also enjoyed relaxing with her. 10/10.... Would like to marry her
  65. Pedrito Sola
    33 months ago
    Very nice service. I had and amazing experience with her, will totally come back
  66. Sj
    33 months ago
    Shaved, exotic, tiny and cute at the same time! Spent a hour with Fresh and she did not disappoint! Will come back for more! Next time will take the 8 hours!!
  67. Treyton
    34 months ago
    She was a very enjoyable person to spend time with, very cute personality. We shared a first together LoL I will definitely be seeing her again.
  68. Chef
    34 months ago
    Spent a few hours with Fresh today, she is so charming, funny and cute. Highly recommend, I had a lot of fun with her!
  69. C
    34 months ago
    Fresh can really take a pounding. cimsw is a cherry ontop. Repeat!
  70. Dan
    34 months ago
    She is truly a breath of Fresh air... You have a little Gem here!
  71. RL
    34 months ago
    Had such an amazing time with fresh. Service was wonderful, location was refreshing and building was extremely well taken care of. Her small body and cute smile really knows how to make men weak.
  72. J
    35 months ago
    Fresh is top tier when it comes to treating you like a king. My time with fresh felt so genuine that all my trouble and stress just goes away. Her smile when she greets you just make you weak. Her service is never rushed. Definitely recommend. Can't wait to see her again.
  73. Joe
    35 months ago
    I came back to see Fresh today, she so very kind and sweet. I had such a fantastic time being with her.
  74. J
    35 months ago
    Fresh is such a sweet girl with a caring demeanor that also provides wonderful service. Can't wait to come back for her.
  75. Geraldo
    36 months ago
    I had an amazing time with Fresh a month ago and I had to see for myself if she would give me another great date. I was definitely not disappointed and this time around it was even better. I can’t wait to see her again and see if she can top my last visit. Highly recommended!, 😍
  76. Fung
    36 months ago
    had a blast
  77. Nick
    36 months ago
    Had a great time with fresh. She is so cute. We had a nice time cuddling. Will be back
  78. J
    37 months ago
    Had an amazing time with Fresh was such an amazing experience just cuddling with her.
  79. p
    37 months ago
    10/10 would like to marry her
  80. Geraldo
    37 months ago
    I just had my world rocked! I went in hoping for a GFE and ended up with a PSE. This girl obviously enjoys what she does as she showed so much passion. Being able to speak English was a bonus as I like to feel like I made a connection by having a conversation. Definitely will be back. :)
  81. LsDreaming
    37 months ago
    Had a two hour session with Fresh. Paid extra for CIMSW and Toys. We had lots of fun and watched porn while playing with each other. Will be back for more.
  82. Joe
    37 months ago
    I was a little nervous to meet Fresh, well I shouldn’t have been because she is so beautiful and kind. I can’t wait to see her again.
  83. raiykaz
    37 months ago
    Fresh is such a delight. She's funny, caring, and horny. Felt like a king with how much pampering she gave me. Also offered a popsicle to beat the sudden heat wave. Definitely a repeat.
  84. Mr. T
    38 months ago
    I just had a couples with my wife and Fresh. She's hot and fun and was happy to suggest more positions for us to try. I don't think we left anything on the table, we did it all. Watching Fresh go down on my wife and make her cum is on my highlight reel, and it's on replay in my mind all day. I edged myself to the end, and so when I finally got there she said "congratulations" and we all had a good laugh. This was the best Fathers Day ever!
  85. Username31
    38 months ago
    Very bright eyes. Great service. Will repeat.
  86. C
    38 months ago
    shes small, tight, friendly and has a really cute smile. fresh is super professional, im definitely going back for more!
  87. Hurry
    38 months ago
    She is a gorgeous, sex and cute girl, Her service was very good , definitely , I will visit her again.
  88. Jerry
    38 months ago
    fresh Indeed
  89. Tom
    38 months ago
    So tiny and cute. Can’t wait to go back.

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