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How does leading a life filled with fun, sensual excitement and no worries sound to you? How about a lucrative income opportunity earning up to 50k a month cash in a safe and supportive environment where nobody takes a percentage of your income?

Imagine having a magic wand and making all of this come true, because we can make all of this happen! We arrange wonderful rendezvous with cultivated, successful international business men and VIPs.

Make your own schedule, set your own prices, be your own boss, and work as much or as little as you like with no commitments or obligations. We’re different from traditional escort agencies in that we work for you, not the other way around. Have we aroused your interest? Then we are happy to receive your application!

All ethnicities accepted, however “exotic” is preferred. We can’t wait to finally meet you in person!

You must be a Permanent Resident of Canada, or a Canadian Citizen to apply and 19 years of age or older. Drug testing is a mandatory requirement, and we do not work with agents or third parties.

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