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    • 스카이트레인:
      Surrey Central
    • 가슴컵:
    • 키:
      167 cm
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- Prices -
  • Rates
    • 15분

      퀵 15분 풀서비스/하프서비스 (선택) .

    • 30분

      30분 풀서비스 (샤워, 한번발사 포함)

    • 45분

      45분 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤60워, 한번발사)

    • 60분

      60불 풀서비스 (애인모드, 샤워, 한번발사, 마사지)

    • 90분

      90분 풀서비스 ( 애인모드, 샤워 , 한번발사 , 마사지)
      서두르지말고 느긋하게 즐기는 90분 애인모드!

    • 2 Hours

      A relaxing full service girlfriend experience. Includes shared shower, two shots, some conversation, and massage (if desired). Take your time and enjoy the moment.

    • 8 Hours

      The ultimate experience. 8 Hours, unlimited shots, and all extras on the menu included. Regular working hours are extended for this session, because you are a very special guest. Ask nicely and a meal is included.

    • 스페셜 풀서비스

      한시간 동안 정해진 루틴으로 길게 즐기는 풀서비스 세션
      (뜨거운/차가운 물 오랄 , 바디슬라이딩 , 바디로 마사지 , 입안사정 , 애널애무 , 1회추가발사 포함).
      첫번째 발사는 bbbj로만 가능.

    • 방문서비스

      기본 1시간부터 예약가능
      10분이상 걸리는 거리는 거리에따라 이동 금액 추가됨.

    • 커플

      당신의 와이프 또는 여자친구와 함께 3명이서 1시간 커플세션.

    • Nuru

      Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. We do not use oil, as we only provide an authentic Nuru experience using the best authentic products imported from Japan that are excellent for the skin.

      During the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, triggering strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. Nuru is a one hour session that also includes all services that are in a regular session.

      Please advise when booking as this does take a few minutes to setup in advance.

  • Extras
    • 엑스트라 샷

      예약한시간내에1번 더 발사가능. (추가후 발사못했을시 환불불가)
      90분 세션은 기본2번 발사포함이니 참고바람

    • 입안사정
    • 입안사정+ 삼키기
    • 얼굴에 발사
    • BBBJ
    • DATY/69
    • 애널애무
    • DATO
    • 애널
    • Toys

      Two toys you can use to make her cum.

      Charge does not apply to girl-girl sessions.

    • 애널플러그

      애널전용으로 만들어진 토이로 애널에 넣은 모습을 감상할수 있음 .

    • 여성고객

      새로운 짜릿한 경험 보장 !

    • Double Team

      Two guys, one girl. Double team, tag team, spit roast, or whatever you want to call it, it's a good time for all. Each guest pays the full rate.

    • 쓰리썸

      Fever girls 2명과 화끈하게 즐기는 쓰리썸

      기본 듀오 가격
      30 분 = $360 (2번 발사)
      45 분 = $400 (2번 발사)
      60 분 = $480 (2 발사)
      90 분 = $800 (4 발사)

      좀 더 깊이 교감하는 듀오가격
      (여자끼리 서로 애무포함)
      30 Minutes = $660 (2 발사)
      45 Minutes = $700 (2 발사)
      60 Minutes = $780 (2 발사)
      90 Minutes = $1100 (4 발사)

    • 포르노 스타일

      좀더 격렬하게 포르노처럼 즐기는세션.
      입안사정,애널애무,1번 추가발사 포함된 패키지

    • BDSM

      마치 그녀의 애완견, 노예가되어 그녀의 지시대로 모두 수행하며 쾌감느끼는 흥미진진한 세션.

    • Golden Shower

      Trump's favorite. She gives, you receive.

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As an extra precaution, escorts will be taking the temperature of their clients at the beginning of an appointment, with a "no touch" thermometer.

- Reviews -
  1. Tom
    15 ago
    Molly is amazing.
  2. Bert
    5 months ago
    Had a great time with Molly today. She goes the extra mile;)
  3. LsDreaming
    6 months ago
    Had a one hour session with Molly, DFK, 69 and then she rode me like a pony until we both came together. Can't wait for next time.
  4. Horny Boy
    6 months ago
    Saw Molly last night and I was not disappointed. She greeted me at the door in her thong, heels and a jacket, exposing her firm tits. She guided me to the shower where I got to touch her nice body. Afterwards, the fun began. She knew what to do and did everything I wanted her to do. She is so good with my nipples- caressing and pinching it to the point of making my cock throb. Molly has excellent bbbj skills. She was able to do a sloppy deepthroat and without issue. Lots of saliva and drool which was perfect for dfk afterwards. Her pussy is tight and made me cum instantly, especially while smelling and licking her sexy heels while she grabbed onto my nipples twisting it. What was perfect was she came as I was cumming and she held me inside her by pulling on my nipples closer. What an experience. Highly recommend Molly. Great attitude and better kinky sex.
  5. LsDreaming
    6 months ago
    Had a one hour session with Molly. The relaxing shower, cool music to bring in the mood. Then DFK to 69 and then she rode me like a pony until we both came. Will return for a 2 hour session.....
  6. Love Molly
    7 months ago
    cannot get enough of her. she enjoys it as much as you do. great mouth/throat/cim skills. very addictive
  7. Highsrecc
    7 months ago
    Molly is soo good better than sgr haha her bbbj is to dye for woahhhhh
  8. p4c
    7 months ago
    Met Molly a couple of weeks ago and she was a real good one. Loved her rimming on me and reverse bbbj. She is very open to suggestions. Only thing was I wish I knew Chinese and would communicate better with her. My bad not knowing her language rather than vice versa
  9. Well aged man
    7 months ago
    Just visited molly today. The best experience with this company. She took care of me the whole time and let me decide what we would do next. And a very nice form too. All around great person to spend time with. Thanks molly and see you soon
  10. stranger
    8 months ago
    she's super nice, loves it, and very very giving. made her cum, and she took it all in her mouth at the end. cannot wait to see her again. Happy times
  11. BuddyGuy
    8 months ago
    I made her cum! Paid for the 45 minute session, started off with the standard shower and bbbj but during that I said we should do 69 and while it did kind of take a while, whenever I felt her legs twitch I just kept doing what I was doing and eventually tasted her juices on my tongue. At one point I think she was cumming so hard because she stopped sucking and almost bit down on me. Which of course was fine. I liked knowing she was getting pleasure out of the session as well. Sex was great otherwise although I wasn’t able to finish but it wasn’t her fault at all. She even kept trying after I had given up but it just wasn’t going to happen. Overall I would definitely book again.
  12. Molly’s fucker
    8 months ago
    I wanted to write a review about molly a while ago. I talked to the agent describing all my desires and expatriates and they recommend molly. So, I booked her for dongguan. When i first stepped inside the apartment i was amazed by her beauty and boobs.i cant describe how amazing her tits taste and feel like on my face. We went to the room and took care of the donation. She opened her closet and there were bunch of sexy lingerie and i picked the one i liked the most which is like yellowish but it looked so sexy on her. She took me to the shower, then went back to the room. I kissed her on her mouth then she got down on her knees and started to suck my dick, I grabbed her head and started to face fuck her very hardly. Then i laid back while she was sucking me. I asked for 69 and her pussy is so delicious. I started to finger her with my index and suck on her clit. She turned around then started to ride. I grabbed her tits and pulled them towards the ground and started to pound her she started to scream. Then, she went doggy and after few pounds i asked her for flat doggy which is my favourite position. Holy fuck i fucked her so hard that her ass cheek turned red and the entire bed was moving and she was screaming. Then i pulled het by her hair to cum on her tits which was amazing feeling as she was calling me babe and daddy. I took a little break then I asked her if she could suck my nipples which helps me get erecting very quickly. And she started to suck on my dick and it was supposed to be blowjob only. But because she liked me personally and in bed. She accepted that i fuck her twice. I did exactly the same thing as my first shot but this time was cum in mouth. She is very good at deep throating and she kept saying the my size is very big. After a very hardcore sex ,she got down on her knees again and started to suck and i was face fucking her and deep throating her at the same time when i felt that will cum and i yelled and i released all of my cum in her mouth. At the end she wore the lingerie again, and honestly i got hard again and wanted to stay with her all day. But its expensive and she is worth every penny
  13. Leni
    8 months ago
    Molly was the best she really takes care of you during the session and intensifies the sex with her drive so much better than sgar I love how molly moves her hips back and fourth in cowgirl I can’t get that out of my head she’s soo good in bed and her deep throat’s are amazing you have to give molly a try and comeback for 2nds her service is so much better than sugr thanks molly
  14. Rooster
    8 months ago
    Was a solid experience. Friendly girl who gives good deep throat. Will definitely cum again!
  15. Timmy
    9 months ago
    I had 1 hour session with her. She is very good to seduce. Also, she is expert at bbbj. Her pussy is good taste when I did daty.
  16. JJ
    9 months ago
    had a 1 hour with molly, she is very good, not afraid to shove your cock down her throat
  17. Mr.Faux
    10 months ago
  18. frequentflyerisback
    11 months ago
    love ya molly she sucks well 10
  19. LG
    11 months ago
    sweet woman, great welcome, very hot in the shower started with a fantastic bbj as a teaser ,in the bedroom bbj continued with deep throat ,it was an amazing experience, with her favourite positions ,I pounded her juicy kitty that lasted 8 to 12 mins,reached her peak 4 times.she was eager to take a full load without any complaint, it ended with a fabulous kiss & hug.I wish I could have stayed longer.will see her very soon.
  20. MickkyJ
    11 months ago
    Sweetest girl I’ve met from your guys’ gang of sweethearts. Top notch service , and SO funny. I was hard from the first moment we hugged so she pulled me by my cock to the shower! I’ll tell ya what, connection and being comfortable with a lady is just as important , if not more important, than how hot she is... but of course she was also sizzling hot. Great sucking skills, delicious little booty and definitely went for the CIM option as she’s more than capable of taking a full load without complaining and smiling as she gave him a little thank-you kiss afterwards. Oh and for a Chinese girl , BIG fantastic, firm boobs. Luv ya Molly! 10/10!

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